We LOVE Irresistibility


It’s a word we love around here. Even more than the word itself, we love what it means. It’s when something/someone is too powerful or convincing to be resisted, too attractive and tempting to stay away from.

Is that the stuff of addicts? The weak-minded?

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Digital Media is Irresistible

But is it really? Yawn.

To some the medium is the antithesis of irresistibility—chock full of data, pixels, trafficking, bots, viewability (or lack thereof), reports, fees, flowcharts, and the overwhelming feeling of always being one step behind in the space. Sounds more like a nightmare….

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Beer and the Big Game

The Super Bowl is the one night of the year I have difficulty going to the bathroom. As a fan of football and smart, well-executed advertising, I can’t resist missing a second of the action. It can be quite a dilemma. Fortunately for my bladder, Katy Perry is the halftime performer.

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