We believe all brands havethe power to be Irresistible

Our job is to unlock that Irresistibility by deeply connecting brands with their consumers through the creation and distribution of strategically driven, highly  compelling communication.

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Brand Strategy

Everything has changed about the way we market to consumers-except for the way we mine for insights. That’s why we created I-Factor. I-Factor can assess the brand/consumer relationship and the why’s behind it. And we can deliver insights in as little as 4 weeks. It’s brand building for the digital age.


Being creative is all about surprising and delighting consumers in unexpected ways. That’s why we’re relentless in the pursuit of game changing ideas...ideas that connect with consumers in every aspect of their relationship with your brand. Our job is to tell your story in a way that is so relevant that consumers will understand it on a rational level, connect with it on an emotional level and be so compelling that they won’t be able to help but share on your behalf.


We are fluent in digital, so taking your branding assets and campaign elements into the digital world is just part of what we do and is seamless for our brands. We can strategize your content, create it and then distribute it so that the right message is meeting the right audience in the right place. Digital is at the heart of everything we do.


Rare for an agency our size, we have a full media team on staff that can plan and buy just about any type of media. It’s all part of our belief that true integration of media, creative and strategy leads to more effective and efficient creating, planning and connecting.


Our team fully immerses ourselves until we have a deep understanding of your brand, your consumers and your competitors. Whether it’s tasting it, experiencing it, or wearing it, we will get to the core of what makes your brand unique. We ask question after question until the BIG IDEA reveals itself.

Content Creation

It’s images, messaging, video. It can be created by a brand, user generated or made by an influencer-as long as its created with the brand strategy in mind. We make original content and we curate existing content- strategically and efficiently to optimize your brand’s irresistibility.

At Sawtooth we believe that shareable content is one of the most important assets a brand can have. And with an on staff photographer, stylist and editor, we make sure brands never run out of it.


Creating provocative brand experiences is becoming more and more important to a brand’s success. Just like everything else we do, we ground ourselves in the strategy and then create experiences that consumers can’t resist having and can’t resist sharing.


For us Social is about creating value for consumers so we become a natural part of their conversations, the critical word being natural. Deepening engagement is about meeting consumers where they are with content that has real value to them. If we expect them to share, its our job to make the content share worthy.


We are intimate with the most critical point of purchase in the consumer brand relationship. Our job is to make the sale long before the consumer gets to the aisle. But we know that this is the real battlefield and we can help you stand out amongst competitors that are just inches away from you.

I-FactorTM is a brand building toolfor the digital age

Everything about the way we communicate with consumers has changed, except Market Research. It’s still too expensive and takes too long. Marketers need a combination of data and insights. Because today’s consumers are seeking fact, but still purchasing based on emotions.

I-FactorTM is our proprietary tool that lets us deeply understand the relationship between brands and consumers in a way that addresses today’s consumer/brand relationship. It marries rich emotional insight with quantifiable data. And our methodology taps into the consumer subconscious where 95% of decisions get made.

I-FactorTM lets us determine what a brand needs to say and where they should be saying it. The result, a more engaged consumer that’s willing to spend more and share more

We are committed to Integration

Our approach to communication planning is strategic and collaborative. Being in the right place with the right message for the right consumer has never been more important than it is in today’s complex marketplace.

We believe that when media and communication planning are linked with creative development, the result is exponentially better for brands. That’s why in addition to strategy and creative, we have a robust media planning and buying department.

We make brands Irresistible

We are passionate about making brands Irresistible. We’ve worked with brands like Finlandia, Pabst Blue Ribbon, McCormick, PNC Bank, 1-800-Doctors and Frexienet. We have an in-house content production team including photographers, editors and stylists on our staff to efficiently meet our client’s constant demand for content creation.